Dried vegetables hanging for sale at spice market

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Photos by Bahar Kitapcı.

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Hey, there!

I’m Vidar. In 2015, I left my corporate job in London and moved to an old house in the heart of Istanbul.

Since then, I’ve spent my time delving into the local food culture. Exciting food with a story to tell!

I’ve published three cookbooks in my native Norway, where I also run an award-winning blog. On this website, you’ll find the best of my published recipes and stories in English.

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Meet Kedi

Kedi was born in autumn 2015 and started life with several severe illnesses. Against all odds, she pulled through, and since then she’s been an active, beloved and highly independent member of our household in Balat, Istanbul.

She’s most often seen chilling in the warmest spots of the house, but also loves running up and down the stairs hunting for her beloved green yarn ball. She’s skeptical of small children and can’t stand other cats, but loves greeting adult guests at the door.

Though she’s never been outside of Istanbul, I suspect she’s got part Norwegian genes, as her favourite foods are Norwegian brown cheese and salmon!


Et kjøkken i Istanbul

Gå til Et kjøkken i Istanbul for min norske nettside, hvor du finner langt flere oppskrifter og historier enn på denne siden.